Do you have a problem with pallets? WE ARE THE SOLUTION! We find the best answers to your problems YOU are in the RIGHT PLACE! Our products respond perfectly to your needs and will help you optimize your transport, handling and storage of goods through the pallets.
the guarantee of products: made from the highest quality level. We have a plant with a capacity of 25000 pallets per month.
We Produce new pallets: standard, pallet, pallet noneuro industrial and atypical, refurbish second hand pallets, we phytosanitary handle pallets following ISPM15 norms, optimize workflow, customize pallets. Everything you want in terms of pallet, we can achieve.
Since 1992, our team professionalism, quality products, prompt delivery and the respect of our partners have established benchmarks, depending on which we've built and we've developed a permanent business.
For us, the team PaletiAmbalaje, manufacture, restoration, collection and recycle wooden pallets represents more than an activity, it represents the way we understand to get involved in developing and supporting our partners ' businesses, and pursues a special face care needs and expectations. With an experience of over 20 years we are always receptive to challenges, finding always the best solutions and cost effective for you, our customers.